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Pastor Jeff Wickwire

Life Changing
Life Changing
Life Changing

What The Women Saw: Study Guide

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20/20 Vision Book20/20 Vision Book

Vision 20/20 by Pastor Ray Baldwin with Nancy Baldwin

As a church, we regularly hear from pastors and Christian workers around the world who are trying their best to reach children but haven't been able to land on the proper template or approach. If you are one of them, this book is tailor-made for you. I urge you to read slowly and take notes. Ray and Nancy cover all you need to know to launch a successful children's ministry with helpful, practical, hands-on instructions.

About Us

With our nation embroiled in racial wars and crises, this book will show that the answer to healing is found in the church.

Dr. Jeff Wickwire will show how, starting with Jesus and the early church, racial barriers were repeatedly torn down in order to reach the world with the gospel. Each time a barrier came down, God answered with blessing and revival. Dr. Jeff Wickwire will also explore the history of America and slavery, showing that, although slavery was a stain on early America, it was the Christian community that finally brought it down. Finally, Dr. Jeff Wickwire will close out the book with practical steps the church and individual Christians can take to bring racial healing.

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